Another year, another graduation. Grab your cap and gown, and let's do this.

We are celebrating the graduates of 2023, and we want you to celebrate them, too.

It's time to let everyone else know about the achievements of your high school and/or college graduate and show off that pride and excitement for them.

Just write them up a message below (and be sure to include their name and their school) as we'll be giving shout-outs to graduates in the weeks ahead. You can even leave them a 30-second audio message as well via our app. (If you're reading this on the app, click here to record your message and submit it).

From high schools to universities, it's time to show our love to the Class of 2023. These graduates have pushed boundaries, expanded their knowledge, and embraced new opportunities. They've hit an incredible milestone through all their hard work, and the future before them is filled with exciting potential.

So again, let's celebrate the graduates of 2023, recognize their achievements, and cheer them on as they take their next steps. May their futures be filled with endless possibilities, personal growth, and profound fulfillment.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2023, we see you for all that you've done. Bravo, and good luck with whatever is next for you!

Got a graduate you want to shout out? Make sure to fill out the form above and give them the recogniton they deserve. You and they might just even hear that shout-out on the air!

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