To anyone that's been looking for an apartment in Portland recently - I feel your pain. I myself have been scouring the web, looking for a place that doesn't cost $1m per month in rent. Well, fortunately, city planners hear our internalized cries of agony.

According to a report by WCSH-6, South Portland planning director Tex Haeuser is considering raising the height limit for buildings in a part of the city. This would allow for buildings up to 14 stories to be built, which Haeuser says will help alleviate the towering rent amounts its sister across the bay is suffering from.

Haeuser believes it's time to start moving forward with new developments - construction of new apartment buildings has been way down since the recession. Watch the video report below to get Ch 6's take:

The video states that the area where these buildings will be allowed is in the west side of town, close to I-295. The buildings will be largely dedicated to housing, and may contain upwards of 20 apartments each to help balance out the cost of building them in the first place. There will also be options in these buildings for low-income families.

Personally, as long as something happens to keep the rent in the Portland area at bay, I'll take it! I might be a super-famous, all-star DJ, but DJs still have to pay the bills, you know.

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