An iconic sandwich shop in the Midcoast recently received national praise for being the "Best in Maine."

The foodie folks over at LoveFood recently posted an article about the best delicatessen in every state. For Maine, the site chose the incredibly popular Big Top Deli in Brunswick. The shop has been a crowd favorite in the college town ever since it opened in 1996.

Big Top is a delicious mix of deli classics, Maine favorites, and fun creations. And like any true deli, Big Top is open early with a full menu of breakfast sandwiches and New York-style bagel options. I mean, who doesn't love a nice piece of lox in the morning?

Brunswick is a perfect location for Big Top, especially considering its demographics. It's home to Bowdoin College. That's a lot of always hungry kids running around. Plus, the community is a hub for tourism, especially with Route 1 slicing right through. Is there anything better than grabbing a delicious sandwich before heading up the coast or to a local beach? It should be no surprise how many great restaurants ended up in Brunswick. The town was built for it. And Big Top Deli has beautifully fit right in.

Here is an excerpt from LoveFood about why they chose Big Top Deli to represent Maine.

The counter-service spot serves packed-full breakfast sandwiches and bagels all day, and also has a range of hot hoagies or subs like Philly cheesesteaks, French dips, and tuna melts. Aside from the food, people love the company’s ethos and the friendly atmosphere.

No frills, delicious food mixed with friendly service are certainly the characteristics of what separates a good deli from an amazing one. Clearly, Big Top and its ethos have done it right for nearly three decades now. It's a representation of what is great about Maine.

There is something for everyone at Big Top Deli. There's even a vegetarian menu for those who don't need a pile of meat on their sandwich. That is quite a nice option to have, especially at a place known for burgers, dogs, and classic deli favorites.

Congrats to Big Top Deli on this national recognition. Here's to more small Maine businesses getting the recognition they deserve.

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