For the last 23 years, Bull Moose has been the one constant in the revolving door that has become the Lewiston Mall. For most of the past two decades, the Lewiston Mall has been anchored by major department stores like Sears and Ames. But a shift in the way we shop, and the popularity of big box stores, has left the Lewiston Mall in a precarious position. Bull Moose is ready to step up and take a bigger role, specifically, an anchor position this fall.

According to a Facebook post from Bull Moose, the purveyor of music, movies, games AND books will triple in size in Lewiston come this fall. For fans of Bull Moose, this new Lewiston location will resemble the Scarborough one. Bull Moose will continue to focus on music, but has found immense success in reselling used video games, movies and books. Bull Moose is likely to become the biggest seller of books in the twin cities after the expansion and one of the biggest video game sellers in the area as well.

Bull Moose There isn't a specific date for the new Bull Moose location other than a promise of "this fall".

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