Here's a sizzling new idea from a fast food behemoth.

Burger King Japan has announced it will sell a perfume that smells like its patties. The scent, called Flame Grilled Fragrance, will be available for one day only, on April 1, and has a, ahem, Whopper of a price tag at $41 per bottle. And every order will be supersized because every customer who purchases a bottle gets a free Whopper.

The deal is only good in Japan, so America you'll have to smell like grilled meat by continuing to gorge on fast food.

Of course, the fact the scent will be sold on April 1 will inevitably lead to some naysayers claiming it's all an April Fool's Day gag. However, it appears to be on the level, although its success remains to be seen. Have you ever gotten a whiff of someone coming off a double shift at BK? It ain't too rosy.

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