Drive around in almost any town in America, and you're going to come across a stop sign. That's just the way it is when driving and you've got to obey the law. But occasionally you'll run into a set of signs that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Something is wrong, something is off and you're left to decide on your own, "what should I do?". A perfect example would be this stop sign conundrum in Biddeford.

Shared on Facebook by Kennith Mcqueen, a pair of stop signs appear to be facing the same exact direction at the same intersection. Experienced drivers would pull up to the 4-way stop and make a conscious decision of when and where to stop and when to go. Inexperienced drivers may find this intersection incredibly confusing.

It should take a rocket science to see that one of these signs has been tampered with. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown, but it does present a danger. The stop sign is turned enough that someone coming from the direction the signed is turned away from might not know to stop. We hope that the sign has been fixed and returned to its proper position but if you find yourself at this intersection in Biddeford, solve this conundrum on your own. Stop twice.

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