It's a road that Red Sox Announcer Jerry Remy has been down too many times before, but also a road that he's completely crushed and bounced back from. For yet another time in his storied announcing career (and life in general), the Remdog has to take time away from the broadcast booth to beat cancer down with a baseball bat.

Jerry Remy's Cancer Returned

Last evening around dinner time, the NESN Twitter account delivered a message directly from the Remdog himself, highlighting that he'll need to step away from the broadcast booth to undergo a round of lung cancer at his doctors' discretion.

It goes without saying that Red Sox Nation immediately rallied around Jerry once reading the statement, sending him well-wishes and discouraged that he once again had to endure a cancer battle.

Jerry Remy Cancer History

According to, this will be the Remdog's fourth toe-to-toe battle with lung cancer, first diagnosed about 13 years ago in 2008. Like the Red Sox did a few years beforehand, Jerry reversed the curse and beat that round of cancer out, before it took another shot at him in 2013. But in typical Remdog fashion, he said, "NOPE, DON'T THINK SO!" and once again beat it.

Even when the cancer came back to try and make the third time a charm less than a handful of years ago in 2017, it didn't even stand a chance and Remdog didn't just take a bite out of it, he chewed up and spit out the whole thing, beating it yet again. And now, it's back for a fourth at-bat, and Jerry's spirit seems like he'll go 4-for-4 and knock this battle over the Monster and once again prevail.

This all comes on the heels of him having to leave the broadcast desk temporarily back in June, when he left mid-game due to shortness of breath. reported he was hospitalized for five days before making his return for the June 29th game at Fenway.

The Red Sox Love Jerry Remy

Last night, the Red Sox snapped a 5-game losing streak with a win over the Detroit Tigers 4-1, which manager Alex Cora said after the game "was for [Jerry.]"

Sending best wishes out to Jerry Remy in his upcoming battle. You've done it before, Remdog, and you'll do it again! Can't wait to hear you back in the booth thriving at what you do best!

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