There's always that one restaurant. That place that people rave about and tell you that you absolutely have to go, and that if you don't, you're an absolute fool. It's simply a can't-miss establishment.

For some cities and states, the choice might be obvious; a restaurant with a rich history that has put smiles on the faces of guests for years upon years.

But for a state like Maine, pinpointing one single restaurant as the can't-miss choice boils down to a pure matter of opinion. And according to 24/7 Tempo, their opinion for the number one, without-a-doubt, can't-miss restaurant in Maine is Fore Street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their choice holds water. Fore Street has remained one of Portland's most luxurious and upscale dining experiences for the last two-and-a-half decades. Many other gourmet options have opened up in the last decade, but Fore Street keeps going strong.

If you've never visited Fore Street before, there's many little things have kept it among the elite restaurants in a foodie city. Many items on the restaurant's premium menu are passed through their wood-burning stove for a flavor that can't seem to be duplicated at other spots in town.

Facebook via Dawn Moyna
Facebook via Dawn Moyna

As 24/7 Tempo points out, while many other restaurants throughout the state of Maine are now focused on sustainable, locally-delivered meat, seafood, and produce, Fore Street was on the forefront of delivering that to customers.

There's plenty of room for a healthy debate on several other restaurants staking their claim to being Maine's can't-miss restaurant, but the mix of history and success leave Fore Street as an excellent selection.


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