This is the tough part of the job, but it had a happy ending.

North of Machias, there is a town named Baileyville. The police department there tries to make sure that there are no OUIPS cases. That's Operating Under the Influence of Pixie Sticks.

As they pointed out on their Facebook page, 'All toddlers are innocent . No toddlers or police chief's were injured in the taking of this picture.'

Baileyville Police Dept Facebook

The Baileyville Police Department knows that this driver will be on the up and up from now on. The officer wrote on Facebook,

I bet he won't roll through that stop sign again. After I checked out the horn and his paperwork he checked out my ride. He said, "It's cool." This is the good stuff.


Baileyville Police Dept/Facebook


Yup. This IS the good stuff. Thank you so much for giving that driver the thrill of his young life and us a real reason to smile.



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