In September, you'll be able to look up into the sky and know that a Maine native is watching over you. According to NASA, Jessica Meir, a Caribou native, will fly along with two other people to the International Space Station in September for a major mission. Meir was chosen for the mission over many others and will spend several months aboard the space station. This will be her first spaceflight.


James Blair - NASA - JSC
James Blair - NASA - JSC

Meir's resume is quite impressive. She has several degrees, including a bachelor's in biology from Brown University, a doctorate in marine biology from Scripps Institute of Oceanography and a master's in space studies from International Space University. Prior to being chosen for this mission and training, Meir spent time in the Antarctic studying emperor penguins in their natural habitat.

Meir will be only the 2nd Maine-born astronaut to spend time in space. Charles Hobaugh, a native of Bar Harbor, has made three spaceflights to the International Space Station in his career. Chris Cassidy, who graduated from York High School and has made several spaceflights himself is often considered a native Mainer despite being born in Massachusetts.

Congratulations to Jessica Meir and we wish her luck on her amazing mission. The entire state of Maine is proud of you!

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