In the height of a normal summer in Maine, portions of I-295 and Route 1 can get a little backed up with some serious traffic. Similarly, during peak commute times in Portland, there's a handful of streets that may experience a little bumper-to-bumper action. But if you're a crafty driver in the city, you can trim minutes off of that commute with a few creative shortcuts. But according to this sign shared by rebamitch, you won't be able to drive over the ocean in Portland anytime soon.

Thanks, Janet Mills... from r/portlandme

Yes, this is a joke and please don't even consider driving your car over any portion of the ocean in or around Portland. Locals will understand this construction sign refers to a key artery in the city, Ocean Avenue. It's a time-saving road that cuts commute times between Washington and Forest Avenue for those who live in nearby neighborhoods. Both ends of Ocean Avenue have been construction hubs in the past few years and now a portion of it is closed off to thru-traffic.

So if you're a Portland commuter, you'll have to re-route and find some new shortcuts. Both the ocean and a portion of Ocean Avenue is closed off to automobile traffic until further notice. All in all, it's probably for the best.

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