The average consumer of local news may not realize just how spoiled we are. Because the competition is so stiff in the Maine market, it's forced local stations to get incredibly creative in the way they deliver information. For instance, the difficultly in parlaying how a windy day can affect you personally if it doesn't include power outages. That brings us to WGME meteorologist Charlie Lopresti, who took to Twitter to display just how windy you can expect it to be on Tuesday.

Yes, that's a quick animation of where you'll likely find your trash can when you return home from work tomorrow evening. In what should be a new standard across media platforms in Maine, Lopresti predicts that wind gusts tomorrow have a good chance of driving that trash bin into your neighbor's yard. That's worse than being 'tipped over nearby' but not as extreme as 'down the street', which all of us have undoubtedly experienced. "How did my trash can end up down the street?".

If we may make one simple suggestion to Charlie's new wind system, it would be to add some color to it. Everyone loves maps or forecasts with color. "Down the street" should be a dark red for extreme wind. "Neighbor's yard" can be orange and so on. This all just makes too much sense.

So sure, being a meteorologist in Maine can leave someone much-maligned. If you're right, nobody cares. If you're wrong, people are reactivating their social media accounts just to troll you about it. But coming up with a new wind system like this? Makes it all worth it.

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