We're off and running with Markathon. Monday was the best Day 1 of Markathon we've ever had...thanks to YOU and your crazy requests. Mark Curdo is staying on the CYY airwaves for 100 hours to play ANY song you want; as long as you make a donation (big or small) to the Center for Grieving Children. It's the best radio of the year in Maine because you never know what's gonna be played next. Yesterday we played Donna Summer and the Sex Pistols. Dean Martin and Patsy Cline. Taylor Swift and Van Halen. Just. WOW. Check out the Hour by Hour playlist from yesterday. It's a doozy! And don't forget to make you SONG REQUEST TODAY. 

And don't forget to check out the Markathon Online Auction. Some good deals there!





WCYY-FM           12:09 PM            JIMI HENDRIX    Star Spangled Banner

WCYY-FM           12:13 PM            VAN HALEN        Eruption

WCYY-FM           12:15 PM            MAMAS & THE PAPAS    Monday, Monday

WCYY-FM           12:24 PM            DONNA SUMMER           On The Radio

WCYY-FM           12:28 PM            CALL      Walls Came Down

WCYY-FM           12:32 PM            SCORPIONS        Rock You Like A Hurricane

WCYY-FM           12:37 PM            DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE   I Will Possess Your Heart

1:00 PM

WCYY-FM           1:00 PM              SPECIALS            A Message To You Rudy

WCYY-FM           1:06 PM              GREG LAKE         I Believe In Father Christmas

WCYY-FM           1:26 PM              CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN          Pictures Of Matchstick Men

WCYY-FM           1:30 PM              DAN FOGELBERG             Same Old Lang Syne

WCYY-FM           1:36 PM              ALICE IN CHAINS             Rain When I Die

WCYY-FM           1:47 PM              DAVID BOWIE/BING CROSBY      Little Drummer Boy/Peace On...

WCYY-FM           1:51 PM              MACHINE GUN KELLY     Bloody Valentine

WCYY-FM           1:55 PM              DEF LEPPARD     Too Late For Love

WCYY-FM           1:59 PM              KRIS KROSS        Jump

2:00 PM

WCYY-FM           2:02 PM              MGMT  Kids

WCYY-FM           2:07 PM              HAROLD FALTERMEYER Axel F

WCYY-FM           2:10 PM              CARS     Shake It Up

WCYY-FM           2:14 PM              MICHAEL MCDONALD    Sweet Freedom

WCYY-FM           2:28 PM              ESCAPE CLUB     Wild, Wild West

WCYY-FM           2:32 PM              BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS              You've Made Me So Very Happy

WCYY-FM           2:49 PM              CARLY SIMON    Nobody Does It Better

WCYY-FM           2:52 PM              GASLIGHT ANTHEM        American Slang

3:00 PM

WCYY-FM           3:06 PM              DROPKICK MURPHYS      I'm Shipping Up To Boston

WCYY-FM           3:13 PM              DRESDEN DOLLS              Coin Operated Boy

WCYY-FM           3:17 PM              SMITHS Bigmouth Strikes Again

WCYY-FM           3:37 PM              DONOVAN         Mellow Yellow

WCYY-FM           3:41 PM              RAMONES          Cretin Hop

WCYY-FM           3:50 PM              ISRAEL KAMAKAWIWO'OLE        Over The Rainbow/What A...

WCYY-FM           3:58 PM              TONE-LOC          Funky Cold Medina

4:00 PM

WCYY-FM           4:03 PM              CAVE IN              Anchor

WCYY-FM           4:06 PM              HARRY NILSSON Me & My Arrow

WCYY-FM           4:22 PM              DAVID BOWIE   Modern Love

WCYY-FM           4:30 PM              KING'S X              Dogman

WCYY-FM           4:34 PM              FLEETWOOD MAC           You Make Loving Fun

5:00 PM

WCYY-FM           5:03 PM              HOOTERS           Day By Day

WCYY-FM           5:07 PM              PAUL MCCARTNEY          Listen To What The Man Said

WCYY-FM           5:19 PM              SANFORD/TOWNSEND  Smoke From A Distant Fire

WCYY-FM           5:37 PM              KENNY LOGGINS              Danger Zone

WCYY-FM           5:40 PM              MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH              Good Vibrations

WCYY-FM           5:51 PM              GEORGE EZRA   Budapest

WCYY-FM           5:56 PM              LITA FORD          Close My Eyes Forever

6:00 PM

WCYY-FM           6:10 PM              HOWARD JONES              No One Is To Blame

WCYY-FM           6:14 PM              GUESS WHO      No Time

WCYY-FM           6:25 PM              HEART  All I Wanna Do Is Make Love...

WCYY-FM           6:30 PM              CHAKA KHAN     I Feel For You

WCYY-FM           6:36 PM              AMERICA            Sister Golden Hair

WCYY-FM           6:40 PM              MEN AT WORK  It's A Mistake

WCYY-FM           6:56 PM              HUEY 'PIANO' SMITH      Don't You Just Know It

7:00 PM

WCYY-FM           7:22 PM              PATSY CLINE      Sweet Dreams (Of You)

WCYY-FM           7:25 PM              SHAKIRA             Whenever, Wherever/Suerte

WCYY-FM           7:28 PM              SHIRLEY ELLIS    Name Game

WCYY-FM           7:31 PM              SEX PISTOLS       Anarchy In The U.K.

WCYY-FM           7:35 PM              SEALS & CROFTS              Summer Breeze

WCYY-FM           7:39 PM              VASELINES         Son Of A Gun

WCYY-FM           7:45 PM              CAPITAL CITIES  Safe And Sound

WCYY-FM           7:52 PM              BOURGEOIS TAGG          I Don't Mind At All

WCYY-FM           7:54 PM              MARTIN BRILEYSalt In My Tears

WCYY-FM           7:58 PM              ALICE IN CHAINS             Brother

8:00 PM

WCYY-FM           8:02 PM              WILLIAM SHATNER         Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

WCYY-FM           8:09 PM              STEVIE WONDER             Master Blaster (Jammin')

WCYY-FM           8:14 PM              BILLY JOEL          Don't Ask Me Why

WCYY-FM           8:26 PM              RUSH    Xanadu

WCYY-FM           8:39 PM              ICEHOUSE          Electric Blue

9:00 PM

WCYY-FM           9:03 PM              MELVINS            Hooch

WCYY-FM           9:06 PM              TAYLOR SWIFT  Blank Space

WCYY-FM           9:10 PM              LOVEDRUG        Happy Apple Poison

WCYY-FM           9:18 PM              O.A.R.   Hey Girl

WCYY-FM           9:34 PM              DIRTY HEADS     Lay Me Down f/Rome

WCYY-FM           9:45 PM              MIDNIGHT OIL   Dead Heart

WCYY-FM           9:51 PM              ELLIOTT SMITH  Miss Misery

10:00 PM

WCYY-FM           10:01 PM            GREEN DAY        2,000 Light Years Away

WCYY-FM           10:03 PM            DOKKEN              Dream Warriors

WCYY-FM           10:11 PM            KINKS    Tired Of Waiting For You

WCYY-FM           10:17 PM            TOOL    Forty Six & 2

WCYY-FM           10:31 PM            VAN HALEN        Jump

WCYY-FM           10:35 PM            VAN HALEN        Panama

WCYY-FM           10:38 PM            VAN HALEN        Top Jimmy

WCYY-FM           10:41 PM            VAN HALEN        Drop Dead Legs

WCYY-FM           10:55 PM            VAN HALEN        Hot For Teacher

11:00 PM

WCYY-FM           11:00 PM            VAN HALEN        I'll Wait

WCYY-FM           11:16 PM            MAMMOTH WVH           Distance

WCYY-FM           11:29 PM            U2         Bullet The Blue Sky

WCYY-FM           11:37 PM            BIZ MARKIE        Pickin' Boogers

WCYY-FM           11:47 PM            BOB DYLAN        The Times They Are A-Changin'

WCYY-FM           11:57 PM            WHO     Magic Bus

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