Have you ever found yourself on a lunch break, eating a burrito, and all of a sudden you have an unquenchable desire to throw yourself into a mosh pit? Then look no further than 86 This, a relatively new restaurant in the Ellsworth area that aims to satisfy cravings of both the sonic and tex-mex variety.

As laid out in a great article by the Bangor Daily News, Blue Hill couple Jeff and Diane Kelly-Lokosz started the establishment back in the winter of 2011, as a last ditch effort to make some cash in a trying time in their lives. Six years later, and 86 This on a hot streak, looking to expand for the second time since they opened their doors. However, the couple is looking to add more to their next space than just extra tables.

The BDN writes that Jeff, during a stint living in San Francisco, saw Beck as he was rising in popularity in a small restaurant not unlike his. He recalls that he loved the venue's layout - music downstairs, with upstairs dining. So as 86 This plans to expand, he and Diane are adding an outdoor beer garden and stage in a recently purchased lot behind the existing building.

Is it just me, or does this sound completely freaking awesome? As both a lover of music and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of burritos, I would be lining up for that place on opening day like nerds camping out for the new Star Wars movie. It'll be bringing more cool activities to the Ellsworth area, as well, which continues to up it's game as one of Maine's coolest small towns.

Visit 86 This on the web here to have a look at their menu and get directions. Now excuse me, I need to go dig my tent out from down cellah...

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