Well, it's official - summer is on the way out. Maine's most fleeting season is already turning over warm summer nights to the crisp, fall air. Let's be real though... Isn't this what everyone wants? Maybe I'm the odd man out, but I'm definitely in that mindset.

Fall in Maine is, in my opinion, the best season. The days are still warm enough for T-Shirts, hot chocolate starts poking its head out again, and the ocean finally reaches swimmable temperatures, which in Maine lasts for a whopping 30 seconds right at the beginning of September. The real reason everyone loves fall, though? FOLIAGE! Not only Michael and Jan's safe word on The Office, this yearly event is half the reason Maine holds the title of "Vacationland."

It'll be everywhere for a good while later on this season, but if you're looking to get the most out of your fall foliage viewing, check out this interactive map from the fine folks at smokymountains.com. They've predicted, week to week, just how the foliage is going to change in Maine, as well as everywhere else in the country. Looking to the map, the prime viewing time for Maine appears to be the weekend of Sept 24th. Plan accordingly!


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