Thursday afternoon, Animal Control Officer Paul Frye and Officer Brad Chase took in an unusual suspect in Augusta, as stated in an article by the Kennebec Journal.

The suspect is approximately 11" tall, 2lbs and feathery. Since being placed in custody, the suspect hasn't spoken much more than a peep and is still awaiting bail.

As far as we know, the suspect is being charged with loitering but it's unknown if this is an incident related to protesting the upcoming holiday -- Thanksgiving -- where the poultry cousin of chickens, turkeys, are consumed at the rate of almost 46 million every year according to a study by the University of Illinois.

According to the article, this isn't the first situation Officer Chase has faced with criminal chickens -- one was taken-in last March, after a 20-minute chase in the Olive Garden parking lot in Augusta.

David De Lossy

As someone who has free-range layers for eggs, escaped chickens happen. At least for myself, impossible to catch on your own... However, the occasional unintended morning sprint across your yard to safety from your rooster is a pretty natural occurrence (and great cardio).

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