New England continues to have a stellar reputation when it comes to energy efficiency., a personal finance website, recently published a report on the most energy efficient states in America. And, wouldn't you know it, every New England state is in the top 15. It's almost like this is the best region to live in.

The site looked at two major categories for its study: home energy efficiency and auto energy efficiency. Home energy efficiency essentially looked at consumption per capita, while auto energy efficiency studied miles driven per gas consumed. You can read more about the methodology here. I will note that WalletHub did not have information from Alaska or Hawaii.

Here's how New England breaks down.

Massachusetts: 2nd overall. This includes a number 1 ranking in auto energy efficiency (I guess traffic doesn't come into play).

Vermont: 3rd overall. This includes a 3rd ranking in home energy efficiency.

Rhode Island: 5th overall. That includes a 4th best in auto energy efficiency.

Connecticut: 13th overall

New Hampshire: 14th overall

Maine: 15th overall...and the best looking.

These are great numbers for New England. They are also not surprising. One would think New England would be on the forefront of home efficiency, considering some sort of heat is likely used for seven or eight months. I mean, we are pros at using it, and any sort of efficiency advancement is a plus, especially in the wallet.

The auto numbers are a little lower than home. However, that's not surprising when taking the weather into account. But it's very evident that more and more high efficiency and electric vehicles are showing up on roads.

WalletHub's most efficient state was Utah. The Beehive State just snuck in above Massachusetts.

As for the least efficient state, that would be South Carolina. At least it has really good golf.

You can see the entire list here.

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