Just look how far Ruxin from The League has come! Writer, actor, producer and stand-up comedian Nick Kroll, beloved for his various roles in TV and film, will be his latest stand-up to the State Theater in Portland on Friday, September 27th. A tour Kroll is calling his "Middle-Aged Boy" Tour.

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Kroll rose to fame on the FX hit show The League, playing a smarmy fantasy football wiz named Ruxin. Kroll transitioned that role into a successful run on Comedy Central with The Kroll Show, a sketch show that received much critical acclaim. Kroll's latest hit is the incredible animated series Big Mouth on Netflix, in which Kroll performs 30 different voices on the show. And if you've never seen Kroll do stand-up before, just imagine it being a combination of all the things you've seen him do on television.