It's hard to say whether this couple was brilliant or stupid. I guess it's a brilliant way to hide illegal drugs, but a stupid idea to posses illegal drugs. Don't do drugs kids.

According to a post on the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency's Facebook page, the two were stopped on I-295 in Gardiner after the received a tip that 25-year-old John Cedeno from New York would be travelling through Maine. Cedeno is a drug who has been arrested in Maine before, so the MDEA was very familiar with him.

He was riding in a car driven by 33-year-old Chelsy Cochrane of Winslow when police stopped them and a drug sniffing K-9 found four pounds of cocaine cleverly disguised as a cake.

News Center Maine reports that Maine Public Safety Spokesperson Shannon Moss says that the four pounds of cocaine was wrapped in cellophane and topped with coffee grounds to make it appear to be a cake. Unfortunately for these two, dogs are smarter than them.

$1900 in cash was seized along with the four pound of cocaine disguised as a cake. This "cake" however had a street value of $200,000. The two were also arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Bet they'll never eat cake again either.



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