There's Craigslist ads for everything, and we've covered a lot of those things. But when we stumbled across this one for a "video" service, it just seemed too good to be true.

There's apparently a person who wants to bust your their grandparents VHS camera and literally videotape whatever "dope" party you might be throwing in Portland. From there, it appears they'll take all that amazing footage and turn into digital goodness, and even ice that freshly baked cake with a some music behind it.

Oh, and the price is negotiable. Or just beers. Yes, this person is willing to be paid in beers. Make no mistake, we're not knocking that business plan, everybody has got a price. And if your price is 10 Natty lights, that's cool with us.

Anyway, if you're throwing a sick rager for the holidays and you want to file another VHS tape away next to your 1st Christmas, contact this dude. But make sure you've got a fridge full of beer first.

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