Portland has found its way into the hearts and minds of a lot of off-beat actors--something about sharpening the jagged edge of your art that makes it more exciting.Out on the Fringe, as it were. Fringe Festivals happen in places like Edinburgh (the first), Prague, Hong Kong, Chicago, London and Saskatoon.  And, Portland.  For the third year, Port Fringe happens til Sunday. Port Fringe is non-juried, which means it's pretty much for the hell of it. And, definitely for the fun of it.

Performances ensue at some five venues after 6 pm this work week, then 10:30 am start this weekend. All venues are on Congress Street, or the distance of a well-thrown danish from Congress. Geno's, Mayo Street Arts, Empire, Space and Portland Stage Company's Studio and Storefront.

Check out as many of the remaining performances as you can--over 100 total for the five days and nights, from 56 individual pieces.  Biting wit, happy feet and music throughout almost all of it (and that's just the kid-friendly shows)--touching on topics you may not even have known existed.

They call it Fringe for a multitude of reasons. Your assignment, should you wish to accept it, is go forth, be engaged, be cheered, frightened and impressed.

It is Portland, after all.

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