For many people in the modern-day workforce, eating while on the go is an everyday occurrence. For the extremely popular convenience store franchise Cumberland Farms, they are a daily destination for people who need to fill up. And according to MaineBiz, they are set to become the largest convenience store chain in the country to commit to selling healthier foods within their stores.

As part of their commitment, which will fall under the guidelines set forth by the Partnership for a Healthier America, Cumberland Farms will maintain fresh fruits and vegetables in their stores year-round. They'll also offer consumers more non-fat or low fat dairy products while also increasing their whole grain offerings as well. Beyond those fresh offerings, Cumberland Farms has promised to have at least 20 packaged products that fall under the PHA's guidelines for healthy eating.

Cumberland Farms has promised to implement this change over the course of a three-year period. Cumberland Farms operates nearly three-quarters of their stores in "food deserts", or communities that are typically underserved by grocery stores. This new promise will allow people who count on Cumberland Farms to have new, and far healthier options for their food consumption.


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