The security cameras at convenience stores can catch a lot of different things, but usually, it's not an evening visit by a couple of beavers with growling stomachs. But that was the case in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, where a pair of beavers casually strolled into a local Cumberland Farms location and did a little shopping.

Shared on Facebook by Cumberland Farms themselves, the convenience store chain thought the security video was worth a share. They referred to the visitors as a "couple special guests". One beaver decided to wrap up their shopping rather quickly but the other one couldn't make their final decisions and needed a little coaxing from the Cumberland Farms employee that was present.

Just a reminder, that while this little incident caught on camera didn't cause any problems, interacting with wildlife can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. As for Cumberland Farms, back to business as usual. And for the beavers? Turns out, they didn't buy a dam thing!

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