If you just can't stand college basketball but want to get in on some madness, WCYY has you covered. CYY Madness is back again for another year, with 16 bands vying for the privilege to be called the champion of the best alternative rock tournament out there. So what can YOU do to get in on this? Glad you asked.

Take a look at the bracket and choose which band you want to "captain". After that, click the link at the bottom of this page and fill out our sign up form. Once you submit it, you are locked in as a "band captain" and if your band wins CYY Madness 2018, you officially are qualified to win two weekend passes to the Boston Calling Festival May 25th-May 27th featuring The Killers, Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and Eminem.


This year, CYY will putting the vote up exclusively on Facebook. Rather than having to click through links, all votes will be tabulated directly through our WCYY Facebook page. It's that simple. Sign up now, choose the band you think is going all the way and YOU could end up at all 3 days of Boston Calling this spring. Let the Madness begin!

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