Some of us are a bit more keen on April Fool's Day than others. For those of us that find the pranks pretty entertaining, there was a wealth of jokes to be fooled by this year. Let's review the fools, local and otherwise, that might've caught you up yesterday.

1) Bull Moose Created a Maine Jingles CD

"Coming soon to CD and vinyl" (April Fool's!) is Bull Moose's limited edition collection of 20 unforgettable jingles from Maine businesses, including Reny's A Maine Adventure, Marden's I Should Have Bought It, and Bill Dodge's Bill! Dodge!, to name a few.

Bull Moose
Bull Moose

2) Arcadia Will Soon Be Vape Elizabeth

3) Dunkin' Introduced Their New Peep Flavor

...But they did!! Lots of people thought the Dunkin' announcement introducing peep-topped donuts and peep-flavored coffee was a prank, but it's real! Did you fall for their fake-out?

4) Tom Brady Joined Twitter; Retired

5) Starbucks Is Catering To Your Dog

Whether you're a fan of April Fool's or not, one thing's for sure: you gotta keep your wits about you on April 1st. Hopefully your close friends, family, and coworkers are good at knowing the difference between an amusing, tasteful prank and a regrettable one.

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