As I'm writing this to you right now, I'm eating one of their breakfast burritos on the side and it's magical. Let me put you on to your new favorite breakfast spot: Tic Taco.

This is nothing more than a little Mexican-themed window located on the bottom floor of One City Center in downtown Portland that is family-run and open to the public.

They sell $5 freshly made breakfast burritos daily until they sell out, and let me tell you, they sell out QUICK, so it feels like a little treat when you do get to grab one.

The best part? Aside from their affordable fresh breakfast? They also are a Mexican takeout spot, and from everything I hear it's a hidden gem.

Check out these Yelp reviews:

Matthew B said,

"I've been going to this place since I was a freshman in high school. We're talking 35 years. The food is great. Their burritos are GIGANTIC and they are very reasonably priced. The staff is really nice-always greeting me with the biggest smile every time I visit."

Petey L said,

"This is a really solid mexican food lunch spot. Everything is cooked to perfection, the veggie burrito bowl is huge and delicious and cheap"

Lexi L said,

"there aren't a lot of [good] places to go on my lunch break.....but TIC TACO IS A GAME CHANGER. they're the nicest people you'll come by in the food/service industry, and the food is amazing. you get probably more than you can even eat for 6-8 dollars. if i'm indecisive about lunch, tic taco will always get my business because i genuinely feel that they deserve it (and mexican food is the best, duh)"

If it's one thing I notice about a food joint, it's the customer service. You read it in the reviews, and I can absolutely confirm it's always a feel-good visit with the owners.

There are certainly a lot of great Mexican restaurants to try in Maine, but this is definitely one that's been flying under the radar. Have you been? Do you have a favorite?

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