Today is National Donut Day and Maine has a strong connection with the iconic donut hole! (Now, I'm not talking about actual donut holes , like Dunkin's Munchkins, but the actual hole in the donut!)

Perhaps the true origins of the donut hole will never be known for sure but legend has it that the inventor was a sea captain from Rockport named Hanson Gregory.

Even if you have never captained a ship, you've probably driven a car and you know eating while driving isn't the easiest (or the safest) thing. Just imagine having a bigger steering wheel.

In 1916, Captain Gregory did an interview with the Washington Post and elaborated on his invention. He noted that when the crew typically made and consumed donuts, they were often raw in the middle or greasy and not easy to digest. He said that after he made the donuts with holes, he no longer had indigestion issues.


There is currently a plaque at the site of where Captain Gregory was born that you can see for yourself here:

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