You learn something new every day. Turns out that we have New Hampshire to thank for the two-wheeled, scooter-like devices known as Segways.

That's right, the fun and nifty invention originated here in the Granite State.

Where Was the Segway Invented?

The Segway was invented by Dean Kamen soon after the founding of Segway Inc. in 1999. The corporation's headquarters are in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Have you ever ridden a Segway or gone on a Segway tour before? It sounds like either a new and exciting experience, or the perfect way to lose your balance and fall flat on your face. Some might say the balancing act is a memorable adventure either way.

Where in New Hampshire Can You Ride a Segway?

Clark's Bears in Lincoln, New Hampshire, offers its very own Segway Park and Segway Safari.

According to their website, guests are trained to ride a Segway i2 before taking a brief glide through the park's track. Those who would rather embark on the safari get an extended ride both on and off-road on an X2, and can meet the park's famous Wolfman.

Not only can you experience the excitement of riding a Segway, but you can do so in the very state where it was invented. Isn't that awesome?

So there's your fun nugget of wisdom for the day. You can learn more about Segway Inc. by visiting their website here.

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