Nothing quite stands the way a lighthouse does. The iconic structures sit idly by, almost stoic-like, through changing seasons and the fickle weather.

How many lighthouses are there in Maine?

Maine is no stranger to these historic protectors of seafarers. In fact, the state has 65 of them still standing.

While Portland Head Light gets the majority of the national buzz, the other 64 are all special in their own way. Many have been protecting travelers for over 100 years. Some are open to the public for tours. And others have to be seen from a boat cruise.

The fact is they all have their own story and character traits that makes them extremely popular to Mainers and tourists.

How many lighthouses are near Portland, Maine?

Portlanders are lucky, considering the number of lighthouses within a short distance.

There are 11 within an hour's drive.

Many, like Portland Head Light, Spring Point, and Two Lights, have been heavy tourist destinations for a long time. However, there are others that would interest any tourist or lighthouse enthusiast.

Can you go into a lighthouse in Portland, Maine?

Some of the lighthouses around Portland are open to the public seasonally.

Portland Head Light and Spring Point Light also have museums, and even gift shops. I strongly suggest researching your options before visiting any.

Do lighthouse keepers in Maine still exist?

While lighthouses still serve a purpose to those at sea, they are all automated in Maine. The last lighthouse in Maine to go automated is a little south of Portland on Goat Island. It officially went automated in 1990, making at 65 in the state unmanned.

Where are the lighthouses near Portland, Maine?

Below is a list of 11 lighthouses that are within a day's trip of Portland. From Kennebunkport to Georgetown, the list includes the major icons to more remote and unknown lighthouses.

The only criteria used was to try and only include lighthouses within a 50-mile radius. The majority were measured by driving distance, with some also including distance on the ocean.

Hopefully, there are one or two that are new to you. It's always wonderful to discover a new gem, even if it's just down the road.

11 Lighthouses Close To Portland That You Can Explore and Enjoy

One of Maine's true iconic structures are the state's amazing lighthouses. While Portland Head Light may gain all the national attention, there's 10 others within an hour of Portland that can viewed on foot or by boat. Some even allow tours.

Here is a list of 11 lighthouses that make for a great day trip from the state's largest city, Portland.

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