Just about all of us want to find romantic love any way we can, and rock stars are no different. Just look at Disturbed frontman David Draiman, who's revealed that he’s been searching Tinder in the hopes of finding a new relationship following his recent divorce from Lena Draiman.

Back in April 2023 – and via Metal Hammer – Draiman confirmed that the pair had officially called it quits after 11 years of marriage. Now, a Twitter user has discovered a dating profile bearing Draiman’s name and likeness, and upon asking the singer to verify its legitimacy, they received a surprising response.

This past Friday (May 5), the fan shared images of Draiman’s Tinder account while tweeting at him: “Lol dude you see this?! I’m tagging you bc I believe it’s fake.”

On the contrary, Draiman responded, “Not fake lol. It’s me,” adding, “You’d be surprised. It’s hard for a guy like me to meet the right woman. I’ll tell you, it’s been weird so far. Lots of scammers. Trying to figure out how to navigate this new terrain.”

Endearingly, the pair continued to bond over the situation, and Draiman even received support from other people.

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For instance, someone replied to the Twitter thread: “No clue what happened with Lena but best wishes brother...but maybe you should relax and enjoy life and see if that person finds you?” Similarly, someone else wrote, “Good luck man! I hope you find someone you can be goofy and happy around when it counts!”

That said, he was also met with more tongue-in-cheek feedback, including someone writing: “Read: David Draiman can't get laid anymore.” Draiman didn’t hesitate to fire back, however, clarifying, “I can get laid anytime I want if I’m willing to drop my standards, but my standards are quite high, and I won’t dishonor myself that way. Looking for the RIGHT woman, not just ANY woman. Oh And btw? You’re  a dick.”


Welp, best of luck to Draiman on his search, right?! Also, you can view these exchanges below.

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