Honestly, nothing is more defeating than coming out to your car after a long day at work to find this.


Do you ever have those days where you are just pooped after work? It happens to all of us. I work in Downtown Portland so often I park on the street. I'm lucky, when I show up to work, the parking spots are plentiful. Ahhhhh. But then, I came out to find THIS.


Holy crapola! I just stood there staring. Did they bump me to get that close? WHO DOES THIS? Of course, there was someone behind me, and they were close too. Not this epically close, but close. Close enough that I stood there and sighed at the time it would take me to get out of this spot. By the way, there is no parking in front of her car - she has easily two feet to play with.


As I approached my car with utter disgust, a woman came around the corner holding a bakery box. I stood by the side of my car thinking,

Is this the owner?

Yup. She got into her car, put on her hazard lights, and pulled forward. Never making eye contact with me or saying anything. I got into my car a bit steamed, but also grateful I wasn't gonna get an upper body workout today! I'm grateful she obviously saw me and must have thought to herself, that woman looks pissed, and moved her car.

But, if that were me, I would have darted around the corner apologizing! Had this woman done this, all is forgiven. Who hasn't parked like a tool once, maybe twice in their life? It happens. But I will say that if I need to squeeze my car into a spot, I make sure the person behind me or ahead of me can get out. Maybe this woman will do the same in the future.

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