Some things you just cannot explain. When it comes to paranormal activity, we can all be doubters. But, THIS video has got me believing in ghosts. I dare you to watch!

WARNING: What you are about to see will completely freak you out!

Store Manager Lisa Ferraro-Gilles was working at the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford and it was a day like any other. She was at the counter working on a display with glass bowls. She went out back to grab something, and she found out that she was not alone. Because all of a sudden she heard a bang and shattered glass. When she ran to the front of the store, she found that some how a glass bowl moved from across the table, and fell to the floor. ALL ON IT'S OWN.

Then, after reviewing the surveillance camera, they made a shocking discovery. There is a ghost among them in that store for sure! Watch the video for yourself, and tell me what you think? A hoax or the real deal?


October 28 is our annual Spirit of Portland Halloween party and you are invited! Music, adult beverages, costume contest and more! It will be at the Portland Expo from 8p-midnight. Get ready for a haunting good time!!



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