While driving from Presque Isle to Portland, you'll likely come across some street names that range between wacky and ridiculous. But you'll also come across very common street names from the smallest towns to Maine's largest cities. But just how common? Well, The Washington Post did all of the math, and came up with the 10 most common street names in Maine AND how often they show up in the state.

  1. Main Street (140)  140 different villages, towns and cities have a Main Street in Maine. Go figure. Ironically, Portland doesn't have a Main Street.
  2. Shore Road or Street (117)  Well, when you have the coastal beauty Maine does, of course you'll have a Shore road. Bit a surprise to be the 2nd most common.
  3. Birch Street (98) As this list continues, you'll come to find that Maine really loves their trees, and naming roads after them.
  4. Sunset Road, Avenue, Drive (97) Another surprise for Maine, considering the sun sets at 4pm for about half the year here. Let's call it a love letter to what we miss.
  5. Spruce Street (95) Back to our fondness for trees. But interesting to note, that Spruce and Birch outrank Pine...in the Pine Tree State.
  6. Cedar Street (91)
  7. Maple Street (90)
  8. Evergreen Road or Street (84)
  9. Pine Street (84)
  10. Hemlock Street (82)

There's the top 10 list. Outside of the top ten, but still common in Maine, include direction streets like East, West, North and South as well as skipping the individual trees in favor of the entire Forest...avenue.

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