In some ways, Maine has gone from a food afterthought about a decade ago to a complete food destination right now. It's not just Portland either, places up and down Maine's coastline are growing larger reputations as places you need to grab a bite at. So while Maine may be a food destination, someone on Reddit posed a very interesting question, what dish best represents the State of Maine?

The most common answer on the Reddit thread was beans and franks aka red snappers. Add in a side of delicious brown bread and you have a classic Maine feast that is extremely budget friendly. But with all of the seafood Maine has in its grasp, does a can of beans and some red hot dogs really represent Maine?

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Naturally, lobster and lobster rolls is the argument. But as several commenters pointed out, Mainers do love their lobster, but lobster rolls feel like a seasonal item where beans and franks feel like a year-round thing. Other items people suggested included desserts like blueberry pie and whoopie pies and while those are traditional Maine items, they aren't necessarily a meal. Oh, and there were a bunch of suggestions for Allen's Coffee Brandy. When mixed with milk, it can certainly feel like a meal, but it's definitely not.

So what do you think? Does a meal of beans and franks best represent Maine?

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