Popular video game Fallout 4 continues to pop up Mainers' screens for various reasons. First, we had the announcement of the hotly anticipated expansion pack that was set in Maine called Far Harbor. Then, the release and subsequent gameplay was scrutinized. Now, people get to nitpick even further with a small piece of the sub-story in Far Harbor.

The above screenshot is from one of the many portal computers you'll find throughout the new expansion pack. Often inside the computers, players will find various clues or hints to places they should check out or supplies they can find nearby. In this case, the creators of Fallout 4, Bethesda, did their best to take whatever Maine stereotypes exist and turn them into the "Taste of Maine".

Hardly a surprise that lobster and fiddleheads were included. Less typical stereotypes include plaid shirts, fog (do we really have more than other places) and of course, trees! But where are the blueberries? Nobody told Bethesda about Moxie? And if we're seriously going all-in on Maine stereotypes, shouldn't there be a few empty bottles of Allen's Coffee Brandy hanging around somewhere?

Make no mistake, these Maine stereotypes are all in good fun. I've given a few of my suggestions but did I miss some? What would you include in a "Taste of Maine" pack?

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