The world we live in today is always in front of a camera. From security cameras, doorbell cameras, and the cameras we carry in our pockets on our smartphones. They can come in very handy when you need to have something captured on video.

One of those places that have become more and more common to have a camera is in our vehicles. Dash cameras have become very popular for drivers, mostly in bigger cities with lots of traffic.

You can buy dashcams on Amazon ranging in price from $30 up to hundreds of dollars like this 4K camera by Yeecore.

Yeecore via Amazon
Yeecore via Amazon

They mount on your windshield and rear window if you buy a model with two cameras. They are constantly running and recording everything they see and can save footage with a simple voice command.

A dashcam can be money well spent if you ever get in an accident and can provide footage of it to law enforcement and insurance. The camera doesn't lie, but drivers do.

This technology has been a boom for YouTubers who compile footage submitted to them into videos for their channels. Road Legends, Idiots in Cars, and Dashcam Nation are just a few of the popular channels to see driving gone bad.

Dashcam Nation recently posted a compilation of not-so-smart drivers that featured an incident that was recorded from a driver's dash cam on I-93 just outside Dedham, Massachusetts.

The driver with the camera went to take Exit 1A to head south on I-95 when this happened.

Now I think we have all missed an exit once or twice or taken the wrong exit, but if you've committed yourself to exit then exit! You can easily turn around and get back in the direction you intended to go. I've done it myself and it's much easier to swallow my pride and spend five minutes or less getting back on track.

I'm seriously addicted to watching these "idiots in cars" on YouTube and I really want to get my own dash cam.

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