Never have I ever seen these before, but I can tell you one thing.  I do not like my lawn in the spring.  In fact, I can without a doubt say I will never be able to sell my house in the spring (it's not for sale, anyway).  Just look at what comes up with vigor every March or April once the snow has melted.

Here's what I know.  These onion and garlic groupings magically appear and create a very ugly lawn in my backyard. They are a cool weather weed and thrive in heavy, wet soil.  I don't know why we are the only ones in the neighborhood who have these tufts of bulbs.  Fortunately, they have not spread to the front, but the neighbors look at us and shake their heads.  Can't those people control their lawn? What if those rampant weeds spill over into my neighbor's yard?  We are the only lot in the 'hood with wild garlic everywhere. Look.

Ginny Rogers
Ginny Rogers

According to, wild onions have flat leaves, while wild garlic have rounded leaves. They are difficult, but not impossible to kill. We've tried everything on YouTube videos, gardening websites, and even our local garden center. They do die off in a few weeks, only to return next year.

The waxy leaves don't let the herbicide penetrate to the bulbs, so even if the tufts die, the bulbs do not, so they'll be back next year in full force.  The website goes on to say you should dig up each bulb with a trowel, do not shake off dirt, then treat the hole (and it's a big one) with herbicide or boiling water.  Boiling water kills plants.  You may have to do this two consecutive times in the fall (their weakest point), but be persistent.

I think we will have to level out and replant a whole new yard after all that.  So, maybe I'll just eat them.  Wild onions and wild garlic are edible, after all.  That's the bright side.

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