Let's be honest, Life Hacks are really hit or miss. Sometimes a piece of absolute genius slips through the cracks, like taping a dryer sheet to your AC to freshen up the smell of a room on a budget (bachelors, you can thank me later). Some, however, are borderline useless, like trying to put a rubber band over a latch on a door to keep it from closing (we tried it on the WCYY bathroom door to be sure. Still trying to get it unstuck...)

When digging into things further, we found this particular life hack, and can't decide if it's pure genius or way too dangerous to try. Probably a little of both. Take a gander:

Right? Originally posted by Britiney Onyschuk up in Alberta, the video shows her father using the combined power of a push mower and a tractor to take the tops off his hedges. Points to this guy for bravery, but we're not sure we'd have the guts to try it.

We could definitely see this taking off in Maine - with all the vegetation here, and given what a hot summer we've had, wouldn't it be nice to have something this easy to get the work done with? Take the rest of the day off with an iced tea by the lake? We do have one question, though - what if it falls off...?


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