Steer clear of Hinckley Park on your dog walks the rest of the summer, warn South Portland Parks & Recreation.

On their Facebook page, they announced this week that the park has tested positive for blue-green algae, known to release a dangerous toxin during its seasonal bloom that is extremely harmful to dogs.

The algae has not yet reached toxic levels but as it accumulates along the shore, your dog could be in danger.

The toxins are most harmful to dogs who come in contact with the algae by swimming through it, drinking water it has bloomed in, or getting it on their skin/paws.

If your dog is known to bee-line for the water when you arrive to the park, be extra vigilant in keeping them leashed in the area or, better yet, take your dog elsewhere for the time being.

After the threat of an algae bloom has passed, the park will be completely safe again. Until then, South Portland Parks & Rec says they'll be placing warning signs along the perimeter to raise awareness about the algae.

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