A Domino's in Kingston, N.Y. has some explaining to do.

According to Poughkeepsie's WPDH, a former employee named Scott Whispell says the eatery kept dough in the employee bathroom.

Whispell didn't only make the accusations -- he made a video to back up the claim:

Domino's fired Whispell and released a statement on Facebook, which they removed. A screen shot is below:

Domino's Comments

Whispell, who says he's not trying to bring down the company, disputes the notion he's blackmailing the company and that the video he made was staged to make Domino's look bad. He told WPDH that he made the video after confronting a manager in training about the unsanitary location of the dough. Further, he says he only made the video for proof after that manager got angry with him for bringing up the issue in the first place.

Domino's had no comment beyond the Facebook post that was pulled.

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