Have you seen these posts on Facebook and Twitter recently? A few weeks ago, BMYNews.com posted a "story" about how Katy Perry was supposedly moving to Portland. This week, there's another bogus story going around about how a "Harry Potter Spin-Off" will be filmed in Portland. It's not true, and here's the proof:

Both of these websites use the exact same template, even though they claim to be operated by two different companies in their footer text. Likely, it's the same troll in his mom's basement who's running all of this crap.

Here's how it works: These websites can see where your physical location is, and they create stories about how (Insert Celebrity Here) is moving to (Your Home Town) so people share the story and it goes viral. When that happens, lots of people share the story, it gets more clicks and views, and the owner of the website makes money by displaying ads to you on the page. So, not only are you sharing bogus "news," you're making someone rich by doing it.

How do you avoid these crappy sources? Just check the web address! Have you never heard of the website before? Does it look like a sketchy website without any other links to anything local? It's probably a scam. Are there tons of other stories on the same website about famous people doing things in small towns? It's definitely a scam.

Also, if you click on "contact," they admit that the website is a fraud right there. They call it "fantasy news." We call it bullsh*t!

Don't make these losers money by sharing their stories!

Love, your friendly neighborhood DJ.

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