Chicken wings are pretty much a staple from coast-to-coast when it comes to pub dining. Slather some of your favorite sauce on there, and boom, instant comfort food. But how many can you really eat? 6? 10? 15? 20? That would be pushing it for any normal person. But we weren't dealing with a normal person this weekend at Binga's Windham this weekend. We were dealing with someone superhuman.

Binga's Windham shared the record-breaking moment on their Facebook page as Joel Hansen demolished 92 wings in under two hours to become the all-time leader in the all-you-can-eat wings challenge. Joel actually ate those 92 wings in 1 hour 42 minutes, meaning he was eating each wing at just a smidge over a minute a piece. Ridiculous.

Congrats to Joel and god bless to anyone who dares to break that record. We'll be over in the corner eating a half-dozen wings in shame.

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