For most everyday people, there are more rules, regulations, and laws on the books than they care to even know about. Many of those laws seem unnecessary, often affecting a small sliver of the population.

Rarely does a law every become a law on a whim. A process goes into effect, the pros and cons are heard, and a vote is taken to take a concept and turn it into a law that could incur penalty. But as time passes and life fundamentally changes, some of those laws can begin to feel "dumb".

World Population Review took a crack at researching and declaring the "dumbest" laws on the books in every state across the country. Some states truly have "dumb" laws on the books. For instance, it's a fineable offense in Iowa to present margarine as butter.

Closeup from a bingo game

But here in Maine? World Population Review took offense to the laws surrounding beano/bingo games in the state. While that may seem like an odd choice, beano/bingo isn't regulated in most other states across the nation.

As for Maine, there are some pretty stringent rules when it comes to bingo games. Maine takes conduct at bingo games very seriously. That's why alcohol sales at bingo games throughout the state are strictly prohibited. Bingo game operators could face substantial fines if found violating that regulation.

I love Bingo pen and card on a white background.

What many people in Maine might not even realize is the state regulates what hours in a day bingo games can be held. The state also regulates prize limits for how much money can be offered in jackpots at bingo games.

While World Population Review may consider these regulations to be Maine's "dumbest" laws, they were put in place to protect people from themselves and gambling away too much money on a game of chance.


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