Typically, drinking before noon is frowned upon, but this is 2020 so, who really cares? One thing that's never frowned upon is a little physical activity to start off the day, like Yoga.

This Saturday and Saturday, August 22nd, Brewery Extrava, located at 66 Cove St in Portland, is joining forces with Breathe with Me Yoga for a Yoga and Beer event from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

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A large component of yoga is finding balance and if you ask me, a workout and some beer seem like a great combo.

Plus, this is an all-levels yoga class. A little liquid courage might just be the motivation you need to try something new!

$15 gets you the class and your first beer! It's a perfect way to jumpstart the weekend with some girlfriends or introduce the boyfriend to something new. Beer is a hell of an incentive!

If you're nervous about social distancing, the class will take place outside under Beer Extrava's beer tent.

Get the details on the Facebook event page here.

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