Southern California band Eve 6 has been synonymous with the alternative rock scene since their chart-topping debut back in 1998. Eve 6 reformed a few years ago and have been touring sporadically since, often times as part of nostalgia tours. But they'll be returning to Maine as a headliner in November playing a show guessed it...Hermon, Maine.

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Eve 6 will play the Morgan Hill Event Center on Saturday, November 2nd. Morgan Hill is amazing little gem in a town of just over 5,000 people. It's typically a venue that holds weddings and other celebrations but they mix an occasional concert in as well.

So where has Eve 6 been exactly? Well, after the band found incredible success with their first two albums, featuring major radio hits like "Inside Out", "Leech and "Here's To The Night". But after their third album didn't sell, the wheels came off for the band and they officially broke up in 2004. They reunited here and there from 2007-2012, before releasing a new album. They spent a portion of 2018 touring for the 20th anniversary of their debut album. After playing a few festivals this summer, they'll hit the road again in the fall, including this stop in Hermon.

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