Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen announced that after 13 years of marriage, they are divorcing.

While recent comments from each and rumors in the media would indicate it wasn’t as amicable as they claim (though what divorce is?), Gisele did go out of her way to share her appreciation for the time she spent with Tom in an Instagram statement.

That reminds us of the human aspect to this story. During a drastic change in his life, he is no longer Tom Brady, Brady, or The GOAT – just Tom.

So as one who’s loved and lost as so many of us have, I feel that a dark time such as this is as good as any to remember the memories New Englanders shared with Tom. These include his improbable ascension to greatness as a sixth-round draft pick who won a Super Bowl in just his second year (first as a starter, and a last-minute one at that). This has to go side-by-side with the Red Sox coming back from 3-0 against the Yankees in 2004 for the most superhuman feat in New England sports history.

Tom won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, a fact of which we are all aware. But what’s often forgotten is that a decade came and went with nary a ring, meaning Tom arguably had two dynasties with the same team.

It’s reminiscent of Aerosmith dropping off the charts for a decade before hitting its stride again in the '80s.

It might be said that in terms of cultural impact, Tom Brady is New England’s all-time greatest Tom. But even if we’re not keeping score, he’s certainly in some great company.

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