I CANNOT stop staring at Tom Brady's new blue hue that he invented. I'm truly fixated and may need help.

It's called Brady Blue and yes, this stunning, mesmerizing color of blue is all his.

I'm personally seeing a deeper, richer. royal blue leaning toward a hydrangea purple tone. But I digress, I'm just simply obsessed.

Brady created Brady Blue with the Pantone Color Institute. It's all part of Brady's new clothing line called, Brady, coming out on January 12 in Nordstrom and online at BradyBrand.com, according to Fashion United.

I mean how many people can actually create a brand new color in the blue family and get away with it? Tom Brady, that's who. What can't this guy do?

Now, if I can pull you away from fixating on it for a minute to really analyze this new color creation, it makes the most sense to compare Brady Blue to the blue colors that Brady, himself, is connected to.

Patriots' blue it is most definitely not.

As a matter of fact, I'm seeing more Buffalo Bills' blue in this tone.  Although there is that whole Brady becoming the all-time leader in completions after his 700th career touchdown pass against the Bills in 2021 connection.

Michigan blue it is most definitely not.

That's of course where Brady played college ball, yet, it looks more like the Florida Gators' blue.  And he does live in Florida, now, so there's that connection.

Well, whatever the influence, this is fashion and not football.

And let's be honest, no matter how much we may love Brady, you know that this didn't go over well with some football fans.

In this Mediaite article, some fans say he must be stopped, all while throwing shade because haters gonna hate.

What do you think of Brady Blue?  Personally, I hope he expands from a clothing line to bedding, bath, and home decor.  I'd love a thick, comfy blanket and a bath robe, please, and even a vase or two.

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