If things feel a little bleak right now around Maine, just know there are still going to be new restaurants to try in Portland. That's because the ownership group (Big Tree Hospitality) behind some of Portland's most popular spots, including Eventide and the Honey Paw, are planning on opening a new restaurant that will specialize in good old fashioned pub grub like burgers and wings.

According to Portland Food Map, XO Burger and Wings is set to open out of the space once occupied by Hugo's in Portland. The plan is for XO to be a take-out and delivery restaurant given the pandemic still being prevalent. The menu will offer items you'd see at many other joints around Portland but with the Big Tree twist that all of their restaurants have. Plenty of creativity and plenty of ingenuity is planned, even when it comes to standards like burgers and wings.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Speaking of twists, XO Burger and Wings won't just be opening in Portland, it'll also be opening in Boston as well. The plan is to open a second location of XO alongside Eventide Fenway to further diversify their menu offerings around America's greatest ballpark.

The Portland location of XO Burger and Wings is set to open at the beginning of December.

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