Here's a mistake we all now know to avoid... double check your uber or lyft's license plate before hopping in! Press Herald reported that a Falmouth man learned his lesson this weekend when he ended up trying to enter a home in Cape Elizabeth, thinking it was his own in Falmouth.

After hearing the man attempting to enter through the front door and the garage, the homeowners called the police and they showed up in no time to see what was up. Turns out, the incredibly intoxicated man was clueless as to where he was and it quickly became clear that he had hopped into the wrong Lyft from the Old Port, passed out en route, and been dropped off at the strangers' home. The homeowners forgave the confusion and decided not to press charges.

This Saturday, Portland On Tap will have 120+ beers from 60 local breweries, and great times to be had for all - just remember to drink responsibly and check that Uber or Lyft  license plate when you leave.

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