In an unfortunate scene, a WWE fan collapses in the stands at the live event over the weekend and was later pronounced dead. 

World Wrestling Entertainment is known for its hard hitting action and family friendly live events. But an unfortunate scene unfolded at the Cross Insurance Arena on Saturday, March 25th, as one of the fans sitting in the stands collapsed and died.

According to TMZ, the fan was an elderly man. During the 2nd match of the live event, he apparently collapsed in the stands. On scene first responders rushed to the man's aid, and attempted to revive the man for 20 minutes. An ambulance ushered the man off to Maine Medical Center but he was later pronounced dead.

The WWE brings their live events to Portland annually, but this is the first serious trauma event ever reported during one of their tour stops here. There's been no word on whether the elderly man was accompanied by any one, or how many witnesses in the stands understood what was going.

*This article will be updated if any further information comes out.

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